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大学的第一个学期可能是令人兴奋和伤脑筋的. So, it's natural to have questions about how to get the most out of your NDSU experience. 如何更积极地参与校园活动, 选择专业, get to know professors and find campus resources are just a few important things you might want to know.

The following are some valuable first-semester tips from students who've navigated the same path:

Ashlyn Shauer的照片

Schauer Ashlyn

主要: 战略传播(本科)与传播学(研究生)

年: 大四(本科),硕士一年级学生

家乡: 北达科他州的詹姆斯敦

在你周围建立一个社区. 无论是在课堂上交朋友, 加入一个俱乐部,甚至找个机会和一个陌生人说话, there is no better way to feel at home than creating a strong support system at college.

我挤出时间做作业, 看看我这周的课程表,和朋友们出去玩. A planner can be a huge help to schedule time to work on school and it serves as a good reminder of when assignments are due.

我参与了校园活动. 我加入了俱乐部曲棍球队, 广播电台, 我还参加了一些和我专业相关的社团.

看看这个专业能给你带来的工作机会, 然后看看你在这份工作中可以完成的日常任务. If you could see yourself enjoying the work that you would do and the tasks you would have to perform, odds are you will be passionate about the classes you need to take to do that job well.

I talked to my academic advisor a lot when it came to choosing the right classes for my interests and even when applying for internships in my field.

有什么建议吗 与教授的关系?
教授希望看到你成功,并在那里帮助你. 大一那年,我选修了一门编程课,这门课让我很吃力. My professor took time out of his day to meet with me before big projects to make sure I understood the material and wasn’t falling behind. 如果不是那个教授, 我就不会得到那么高的分数,也不会通过这门课. Professors want to help, but you need to reach out and let them know you need their help.



主要: 管理与全球商业

年: 初级

家乡: 俾斯麦,北达科他州

当你进入大学生活时,要思想开放. There are so many new experiences and opportunities that can come from college, especially at NDSU. 花几天时间探索校园. 你可能会找到一条更快的路去上课,或者找到一个新的喜欢的学习地点. 尝试新的活动, 参与, 与你周围的人交流,学会说“是”的价值!此外,上大学并不意味着你要把一切都留在家里. 继续和你的家人聊天,并抽出时间和你的家庭朋友聊天.

管理时间的最好方法之一就是使用日历. 在大学之前, 我依靠我的记忆来记录即将发生的事情和截止日期, 然而, 错过最后期限后, 我明白我的习惯需要改变. It is uncommon for professors to give reminders for all deadlines and exams listed in their syllabi, so I recommend inputting the dates into an online calendar and enabling it to send a notification of the date a few days in advance, 给自己足够的时间学习或完成作业.

The first semester is an exciting time to make new friends; nearly everyone is eager to meet new people. 我最大的建议之一就是参加活动,和人们简单地交谈. 初次介绍总是最伤脑筋的,而且, 在这些情况下, “闲聊”可以是惊人的. Ask people about their major, what dorm they are living in, where they are from, etc.

If you are struggling to 选择专业 or academic path, try to take the stress out of planning. I know more people who have changed their major multiple times than people who have stuck with the same one they decided freshman year. I have changed my major three times and some of the factors in those changes were guided by the classes I enjoyed and the professors that taught them.

NDSU在职业和咨询中心提供惊人的服务. The advisors can help you determine your career interests and help find opportunities for those interests within the area.

One of the best things you can do as a student to help build relationships with a professor is to simply show up. Going to class and being engaged shows the professor that you care about their class, 当你需要他们的帮助时,他们也会给予你同样的尊重. 此外,他们喜欢谈论他们教的内容. 如果你对这门课有什么问题, 俱乐部或工作, they appreciate it when you reach out and provide a surplus of valuable information.



主要: 工商管理,辅修管理沟通

年: 初级

家乡: 迪金森,北达科他州

尽可能多地加入你有时间参加的俱乐部和组织. The clubs I am part of at NDSU have shaped my NDSU experience and helped me create friendships that have lasted all of college so far and hopefully beyond. 你参加的校园组织越多, the easier it is to transition into college life because you really feel like you are part of the community.

I used a planner to write down my class schedule, all due dates and times of club meetings. I always made sure my homework was my top priority and tried to have it done in advance so I would have more time to do other activities. 在大学里管理时间是件难事, 课间休息, 俱乐部和工作, but writing down and then checking off everything I need to achieve helps me feel less stressed and more accomplished.

最初, my roommate and I stuck together and I was fortunate to room with someone I am still friends with. 我们都有不同的专业, so we would introduce each other to people we met in class or people we knew from our respective hometowns. 通过这些联系,我建立了一个庞大的社交网络. 除此之外,我还加入了俱乐部,愿意和任何人交朋友. 餐厅是认识别人的好地方. It’s always enjoyable for me to meet people there for dinner, which doubled as a social hour.

在上大学之前,你要尽力弄清楚你喜欢的研究领域是什么, 但是当你开始上大学的时候,你不必确定你的专业是什么. I started with a major that has nothing to do with what my current major is and I discovered I wanted to major in the business field because of a connection I made my freshmen year. 即使选择了一般业务, 我缩小了范围,把专业改成了最适合我职业目标的. 一旦你上了大学, 你认为你想要的生活可以完全改变, but it is important to know that there are resources and people available to help you pinpoint a major that you will be successful and happy in.

在我大一的时候, I would use the ACE tutoring location to meet with classmates and work together in the spaces they offer. 现在, I use on-campus services of mentoring programs to connect with real-life professionals whose experiences have aided in my academic career and helped me be more driven for success. 除此之外, 如果你加入学术俱乐部, 你会被介绍给和你专业相同的高年级同学.

我拥有的最好的教授关系是那些知道我名字的人. That seems like a small thing, but in large classes it can be difficult for this to be achieved. 参与课堂活动,回答问题, 即使你不正确, 你会从你所说的中学到东西,你的教授也会欣赏你的努力. 如果你有问题或者在课堂上遇到困难, 不要害怕伸出援手吗, 给教授发一封简单的电子邮件寻求帮助从来没有伤害过我. 这就是他们来这里的目的,他们会感激你的努力学习.

开始你的体验 参观校园. Or 马上申请 如果你已经决定NDSU是适合你的地方.